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The Hernandez Hidaglo family, inherited the passion for olive oil from their grandparents who started buying leftover olive trees after the Spanish civil war and exchanged the olive their produced with other foodstuffs like flour, wine etc.

In the 50s Manuel Fernandez Duran following family tradition, funds the “Agrolea” Cooperative, with other partners from La Puerta de Segura (Jaen), to become in the 60s a pioneer of retail in Albacete where he opens 60 shops. In the 80s he purchases part of the “La Moderna”, the olive mill, reforms and doubles its manufacturing capacity. Oleofer is born in 1993. In the decade of 2000 seveal important changes are implemented such as moving to current facilities, closing the production circle of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from harvest to selling an exporting, launching a new ecological gourmet brand and becoming the first olive oil producing company in Sierra de Segura to specialize in oleo-tourism.

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Sierra de Segura is one of the most well-known parks in Spain that attracts many tourists every weekend and holiday season to hiking routes, trekking, bicycle trails etc., due to its unique natural surroundings. At the same time the Jaen province produces 50% of the olive oil at national level and 20% at global level.

Taking advantage of the beautiful mountain range and natural setting Oleofer is the first company in the area to offer guided tour of the olive oil production facilities, olive oil tasting combined upon request with a visit to the Segura Castel or even with a boat ride in the El Tranco de las Beas reservoir.

The olive oil tasting guided tours have gained prominence in the area, so tourism companies and tour operators have included then in their touristic packs.

The guided tour will be conducted by technicians and professionals of the olive oil production. The rendez-vous will the production facilities itself where the visitors will be explained how the different machineries work in the manufacturing process, the different varieties of olives engaged in it, the different types of olive oil obtained, to finalize with extra virgin olive oil tasting.

Upon prior booking, the visit will continue to the Segura Castle or extended to a boat ride in the Tranco de las Beas reservoir.

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However, other touristic operators have included olive oil guided visits and tasting to their touristic pack. An example is El Tranco, a leisure and active tourism center, which offers many activities touristic, sport, in-nature flora and fauna education activities. It includes visits to Oleofer in its “Special Activities” category, which contains the following packs:

  • OleoTranco day which includes a guided tour of the facilities, olive oil tasting, a boat ride and snack rich in extra virgin olive oil varieties and local products where the gastronomic experience is combined with a breath-taking landscape.
  • Oleo-tourism day which includes day which includes a guided tour of the facilities, olive oil tasting, and finally a boat ride.

List of Local Producers

Oleofer (Spanish only)

El Tranco (Spanish only)

Guided visits are available from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 – 13:00, all year long. The company should be contacted though, for more information regarding Sundays and holidays as well as on group size restrictions as they are subject to change.

The Oleofer facilities may be reached by car, by national road, public transport is not available.

A great variety of accommodation setting are available in the surrounding areas in towns such as Segura de la Sierra, Puerta de Segura, Las Villas, Hornos etc.

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