The Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

(Bernard Shaw)

The Wild Atlantic Way, 2600 km in length, is one of the longest defined coastal route in the world. It winds its way all along the Irish west coast from the Inishowen Peninsula in the north down to the picturesque town of Kinsale, County Cork, in the south of the country.

The route was officially launched in 2014.


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The route is broken down into 5 sections: County Donegal, Donegal to Mayo, Mayo to Clare, Clare to Kerry and Kerry to Cork.  

Along the route there are 157 discovery points, 1,000 attractions and more than 2,500 activities.

The route offers the traveller a great amount to see and do including: over 500 Visitor Attractions; more than 1,500 activities to pursue; 580 festivals and events throughout the year; 17 trails and 50 looped walks; 53 Blue Flag beaches; and 120 Golf Courses.

The Wild Atlantic Way gives Ireland a stand-out proposition with which to cut through all the chatter in overseas markets and offer something distinctive, original and appealing to overseas visitors.

Along the Wild Atlantic Way visitors have the choice to visit the unique landscapes and micro-climates of the west coast, its flora, fauna, caves and mines, incorporating activities such as whale and dolphin watching, exploring unique seascapes by boat as well as local food experiences.

A taste of West Cork Food Festival and The Burren Food Trail are 2 of the Food and Beverage spots along the way.

A Taste of West Cork Food Festival is an annual, ten day September event that celebrates West Cork’s unique food culture and the people and land that produce that food.

A Taste of West Cork Food Festival is so much more than just a festival which happens to be about food; it is a festival that celebrates all that is unique about West Cork – the food, the producers, the landscape and the people – the magic ingredients. 

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One of Ireland’s longest running food festivals and is fast becoming a premier event on the food calendar.  The festival is one of the best opportunities for the many local producers and chefs to showcase their wares to people passionate about food.

The members of the Burren Food Trail are bound by their commitment to building a sustainable future for the region. Each member has achieved recognised quality awards and standards, and has also signed up to the Burren Food Trail Customer Promise: you will find staff who are knowledgeable about the regional food story, menus which state the source of local produce, information on local food events and markets as well as a commitment to maximise the use of local ingredients in all prepared food. The Burren Food Trail members organise an annual series of Long table events, taking place at unusual locations around the Burren. They are a celebration of local, wild and seasonal produce of the Burren, as well as a chance to meet the producers, mingle with local people and learn about the Burren way of life.

These events focus, not only on food, but also on the landscape that surrounds it. Each individual event represents a unique opportunity to combine good food with real, authentic interaction with the people who produced or prepared it, or indeed with the surrounding landscape, activities and heritage.

The Burren Food Trail gives visitors a chance to connect with local food retailers, speciality shops, chefs, cooks and bakers. This creates an opportunities for visitors to participate giving them experiences they won’t forget.

List of Local Producers:

West Cork Food  Festival:

The Burren Food Trail: – Walking Food Tour of Clonakilty:

List of all the food & beverage spots along the way:

Location: West Coast of Ireland

Opening times: All year round, although some attractions are seasonal

How to get there: The Wild Atlantic Way can be seen by car, bike or even in foot

Is it guided: No, but it is broken up into sections if you don’t want to see the full route and there are guidebooks you can view online.

Guide links:

 50 Things to do in Sligo on the WAW:

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