The Apple Festival in Agia

The Apple Festival in Agia

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him…the people who give you their food give you their heart.”

(Cesar Chavez)

The Apple Festival is organized every year at the beginning of September in Agia. The municipality of Agia has organized the Apple Festival for the last 15 years, promoting in this way both the main product cultivated by its residents and the region more widely. It is a seven-day festival, which consists of religious ceremonies, music and dance events, and presentation of the apples. Apple cultivation in Agia is considered one of the most dynamic nationwide, while the area also features a wide variety of apples, such as Scarlet, Jeromine, Super Chief, Red Chief, as well as Red Velox and Golden. The purpose of this festival is to inform farmers with innovative farming methods and techniques, and to promote their products.

Equally important objective of this event is also the creation of a cultural content in relation to apples and its derivatives, which will support the local economy and open new horizons in institutions, such as the celebrations of agricultural products. Finally, the aim is to highlight both the cultural heritage of the region and its rural heritage. In addition to the activities of the event, there are workshops informing farmers about the new methods of cultivation and marketing of apple. This is important for local farmers since apple cultivation in Agia is considered one of the most dynamic nationwide. Additionally, the cultural heritage of the region is preserved and highlighted, through various events and activities, such as exhibitions, theatrical performances, music and dance performances, and sporting events. The local market is also strengthened because there is a high turnout of visitors.

Apple is of particular importance both as a fruit and a nutritional product. Moreover, the Apple Festival in Agia has a special history in the area. The municipality of Agia organizes for the last 15 years this event, by promoting in this way, both the main product cultivated by its residents, and the region more widely. In addition to this event, a festival is held in honor of Agios Antonios. Both events are celebrated over the years around the same time. Guests can enjoy a range of events and activities, including exhibitions, concerts, theatre, music, dance performances, and sport events. In addition to events and activities, visitors can discover the area, which has a wealth of monuments, such as churches with remarkable decoration and great history. The municipality of Agia, in cooperation with the local authorities, also procures products related to the apple, to then offer them to the locals and visitors, in the specially designed exhibition spaces. Additionally, of particular interest is the hiking that takes place on the path that connects the area of Agia with the village Megalovryso, in which all the organizers and visitors of the festival can participate. Finally, it is worth noting that visitors to the festival can also visit the coastal areas of Larissa, which are very close to Agia. Agiokampos is a seaside village in the municipality of Agia. Its beach has a length of 10.5 km (6.5 miles) and is the most popular beach in the regional unit of Larissa with masses of tourists coming every summer. Therefore, visitors of this event will be able to participate in a variety of activities, to learn about the local history and tradition, to enjoy the local products, to get know different people and cultures, and in combination with all the above, to relax, as the area has enormous natural beauty.

List of Local Producers:

KISSAVOS – Agriculture Cooperative of Agia 1st km Agias – Agiokampos, Agia, Larissa (no website or other communication details available)

Agia is a village and a municipality in the Larissa regional unit, which covers an area of 661.79 km2. It is a rural area, and its main products are apples and cherries. It belongs to the regional unit of Larissa, and is in the Region of Thessaly, which is in the center of Greece. The area is accessible from all over Greece by road, while someone from abroad can travel to the country either from Athens airport or Thessaloniki airport, and then drive to Larissa. From Larissa there are bus lines that connect it with the area of Agia. Apple Festival has been held annually in the village since 1959. It is an important food event, which takes place every year in Agia (beginning of September) and lasts 7 days. In the village there are no hotels, but someone who will visit the area can stay in Larissa, which has a multitude of accommodations.

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There is no available website for the Apple Festival. However, every year there are related posts in both local and international newspapers, sites, social media where the event and its activities are launched. Additionally, regarding the accommodation of visitors, they can easily book rooms at any time through various sites such as booking. All they need to do is enter the place and date of accommodation.